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190.000.000  €   Adrian y Gillian Bayford


August  2012 (Haverhill – United Kingdom)



Adrian  y Gillian Bayford




The winners of the £148.600.000 (€190.000.000) Euro Millions jackpot have been revealed as a music shop owner and a healthcare assistant from Haverhill in Suffolk.


Adrian and Gillian Bayford are rich beyond their dreams after becoming the UK"s second biggest lottery winners. The couple, who have a daughter, six, and son, four, said they celebrated by going to Domino"s Pizza for tea.


Adrian, 41, who co-owns a music shop in Haverhill, said they struggled to fully appreciate they had won the jackpot as their young son had just woken up and was crying and his wife, 40, was trying to settle him.


He said: "I had been watching the film The Bank Job on TV while Gillian was out with friends. When she got back we decided to turn over and catch up on the news. "Scrolling along the bottom of the screen was the news that one person had won Euro Millions." Gillian told Adrian she had forgotten to buy a ticket and he joked he hadn"t got one either, though he had bought five lines.


While Gillian settled the children he checked the numbers on his phone. "I couldn"t believe what I was seeing. I rushed back and turned on the main light, at which point Gillian went ballistic. The kids were awake by now. "I was trying to tell her that we had won the lottery and she was telling me to keep the noise down.


The couple rang family members immediately. "Everyone was very surprised to hear from us so late at night and thought we were joking at first," Gillian said. They spent until the early morning searching the internet deciding how they wanted to spend their money.


Gillian who has worked night shifts in the children"s ward at Addenbrooke"s hospital in Cambridge for the past three years intends to give up work. On her shopping list are a new family home and an Audi Q7. Adrian, who intends to keep his music shop open, wants to visit the Canadian Rockies by train. While for the children, a trip to Disney World is on the wish list.


They said they wanted to share their good fortune with family and friends. Gillian said: "Children"s charities are close to our hearts so we will be exploring how we can use this money to help those charities."


It had been an "extremely tight" month financially for the couple before their win, the size of which was "slightly frightening but exciting", she said. A hand-written sign in the window of Adrian"s shop, the Suffolk Music Centre, said the shop was closed and would re-open tomorrow.








185.000.000  €   Colin y Chris Weir


July  2011 (Scotland – United Kingdom)



Colin  y Chris Weir




Mrs. Weir, 55, revealed that by the time they"d checked their numbers "three or four times" the claims line of lottery organizers Camelot had closed for the night - and they didn"t sleep a wink.


Mrs. Weir, a psychiatric nurse, and her husband Colin, 64, who is a retired TV cameraman and studio manager, scooped £161,653,000 (€185.000.000) after matching all five winning numbers plus the two Lucky Stars.


"I couldn"t believe what I was seeing," Mrs. Weir said, reliving their experience on Wednesday evening. "I checked them three or four times before going back downstairs to find Colin. He knew immediately by my face and tone that something was up.


"After checking many times together, the news gradually hit us but the Camelot line was closed for the night and we couldn"t sleep. "We sat up all night and saw dawn come round the next morning."


The couple, who have been married for 30 years and have two children, say the record-breaking win leaves them "tickled pink" - and they say they already have plans to travel the world. "All our lives we have lived within our means and been comfortable," explained Mr. Weir. "We appreciate that this money brings about a whole new life for us and our family. "We now have so many new opportunities to explore but we won"t rush it. For us, it will be a gradual change with choices to be made."


Mrs. Weir added: "We have both always wanted to see the Great Wall of China and Colin would love to stand at the foot of Ayers Rock in Australia.  "We also love art galleries so this gives us the chance to visit those in Paris and in Russia. These are all things we thought we would never see.








126.000.000  €  Anonymous


May  2009 (Majorca - Spain)


Majorca (Spain)




It has now been confirmed that the winner of the €126.000.000 (£113.000.000) Euro Millions jackpot on Friday 8 May, 2009 was a 25 year old woman who lives in Majorca (Spain). The woman had been in bed with the flu and had been worried about losing her job because of her absence.


The woman, who has not been named, didn’t realize that she had set a new world record for the biggest lottery win in history until she decided she would have to go to work despite the illness. The good news is that the lucky winner can now forget her job worries forever and focus on living the rest of her life as the richest Euro Millions winner of all time.








115.000.000  €  Dolores McNamara


July  2005 (Ireland)





Dolores  McNamara




Dolores McNamara, 46, braved massive media attention to collect her €115.436.126 check at the Irish National Lottery"s Dublin offices four days after her win. The mother-of-six fled her Limerick home after winning the prize and has been living in a Cork hotel. At a press conference, her solicitor appealed for privacy on her behalf to enable her to get back to normal.


A spokesman for the Irish National Lottery said the win was a "proud" moment for the organization and that Ms. McNamara was a "special person". Ms. McNamara appeared at the press conference, where she was presented with a giant check written out for 115.000.000 euros and a bouquet of flowers. She enjoyed a celebratory glass of champagne and posed for press photographers but did not comment on her win.


Solicitor David Sweeney said: "Dolores is absolutely thrilled with her win but realizes that it will take some time for the implications of her win to sink in. "Up to now, Dolores has lived a very happy and contented life among her family, friends and neighbors and it is her sincere desire that she and her family will return to normality as soon as possible." He added: "She is absolutely determined that her feet and the feet of her family will remain firmly on the ground".


He asked the media to afford her "space and privacy to get her life back to normal". She said the win had come as "a big shock" to her and her family and asked the media to give them "space and privacy to absorb the implications".








121.000.000  €  Francisco Delgado Rodríguez


May 2011 (Seville - Spain)





Pilas  (Seville, Spain)



Rodriguez came from Pilas in Seville and was 30 years of age when he hit the jackpot to become one of the richest men in Spain overnight. It brought him unprecedented fame across the country and little did he know then but the win could not have been more perfectly timed with Spain imminently about to enter one of its darkest economic periods.



The 30 year old man was working as a baker in his local town when he won the huge jackpot prize. He bought his ticket along with a group of friends at the Nervion Plaza with each friend picking a separate set of numbers. Rodriguez was the lucky one out of all his friends that just so happened to pick the correct numbers.


Shortly after winning the Euro Millions jackpot, Rodriguez and his family shocked his local area, friends and family by closing down his bakery on Murillo Street suddenly and leaving the town of Pilas with his fortune. He left few answers and even less clues as to where he had left for. It was a business that had been handed down from father to son for generations but the Euro Millions win was too large for Rodriguez and his family to carry on working and living as normal.


One friend of the family said “The people are very fond of Delgado. They have always been hard workers”.


Since Rodriguez and his family left the bakery, superstitious passersby have been touching the door to the closed bakery hoping that, by touching the former front door of the Euro Millions winner’s property, they will be “spreading the wealth”.


Little is known about where Rodriguez and his family are now but rumors amongst the local community have suggested a number of possibilities. It was well know that Rodriguez was a big fan of Formula 1 and some believe he and his family have invested in some expensive cars as a treat. Others believe that the family has moved to Madrid where they have been welcomed by the Bank of Spain.


Whatever Rodriguez is doing and wherever he is right now, he has successfully created perhaps one of the most intriguing and mysterious Euro Millions wins since its inception. Surely it won’t be too long before rumors spiral out of control and suspicions of foul play in the disappearance of the Rodriguez begin to materialize. It may seem like a far-fetched idea but if an uneducated baker from Seville can become a millionaire in an instant then surely anything is possible. The Rodriguez story is certainly a rag to riches tale that helps to make the Euro Millions such a romantic game to play.












53.000.000  €  Angela Kelly


August  2007 (Scotland - United Kingdom)



Angela  Kelly




The winner of the €53.000.000 jackpot was revealed as a mother-of-one who works in a Royal Mail sorting office. Camelot launched a nationwide public appeal for the mystery winner to get in touch following the Friday draw. She was revealed to be Angela Kelly, who is in her 40s and lives with her 14-year-old son, John, in a modest flat.


Ms. Kelly did not know she had scooped the €53.000.000 fortune until Monday. The ticket was in her handbag and she only checked it when she realized the jackpot had gone unclaimed. Ms. Kelly has reportedly told colleagues she will not be coming back to work.


She wants to swap her two-bedroom East Kilbride flat for a luxury Italian villa, where her sister already lives. According to reports, Ms. Kelly is separated from husband Gerry, who worked with her at the Glasgow sorting office, where he is transport manager. Ms. Kelly earned about £16,000 working in an administration department, according to reports.


Sarah Smith, 64, who lives a few doors away, said: "There were people coming and going most of the afternoon, so we knew something was up. “I only know her in passing but she is always pleasant.


"One of my neighbors came in and told me that she"d heard Angie had won €53.000.000. I couldn"t believe it. "I know a few people who have won a tenner here or there and on a scratch card but that amount of money is incredible."


A co-worker of Ms. Kelly said her massive win was the talk of the sorting office. John McGowan, a customer advisor at Springburn, said: "Everybody is talking about it - it"s big news. There"s been a mixed reaction; some people would have liked to have had it for themselves. "But I believe she is well-liked."








100.000.000  €  Group of Friends


September  2009 (Venelles - France)





Venelles (France)




Fifteen friends from a sleepy village in southern France won a lottery jackpot of 100.000.000 euros. Venelles, a village of 8,000 people near Aix-en-Provence, was brimming with excitement on Sunday over news that the largest Euro Millions lottery prize ever won in France went to locals.


"The winners are people from Venelles, people who get up early in the morning and work hard," said Mayor Jean-Pierre Saez. The mayor said he could not provide details about the winners for "obvious security reasons" but added "I"m happy that these are good people". Lottery officials announced that the winning ticket had been bought in southern France and would be shared among 15 winners.








76.000.000  €  Anonymous


Enero  2008 (Granada - Spain)



Granada (Spain)




A lucky Montefrio (Granada, Spain) resident is 76.000.000 euros richer after a record lottery win. As news broke that the winning ticket for the continent-wide Euro millions draw had been bought in Montefrio, scores of journalists descended upon the small Granada town.


But either locals did not know the identity of the mystery multi-millionaire or they were keeping quiet. “Someone woke up on Saturday with a lot of money, but it was not me. I would have preferred to have woken up to snow. Money does not bring happiness,” Juan Bermúdez told reporters from TV channel Antena 3, as he entered the state betting office that sold the winning ticket.


Rumours around the town had it that the lucky winner was waiter José Chipiola, but he was swift to dismiss those claims. “I went to work last night. Would I have done if I had won that much money?” he said. According to British residents in the town, however, the winner fled to Barcelona the moment they discovered they held the winning ticket.


“A local family disappeared on the night of the draw. A friend’s daughter is a classmate of the daughter of the missing family. Everyone has tried to telephone them, but their mobile phones are always switched off,” Alan Russell said.


Alan, a heating engineer and property agent who has lived in Montefrio for five years, described the scenes when it became apparent the record winner had bought the ticket in the Granada town. “We awoke on the Saturday morning to bedlam. Journalists and television crews were camping outside the shop that had sold the winning ticket. All the locals were buzzing, asking each other if they knew who the winner was.





A French played the same Euromillions numbers twice



Paris  (France)




Two of the winners of Euromillions tickets from May 11, 2007 were validated in the same place in Paris and belonged to the same person.


This week, two of the three winning tickets in the first category had been validated in the same lottery shop in the 70th Street Entrepreneurs in Paris (France).


The winner, of 35 million euros, which wants to remain anonymous, said: "I always keep my lucky combinations. By chance and luckily, this week I got the same combination twice in my pocket."





Lucky Euromillions winner decided to give half of his Euro millions prize for heating to the people in need





Riemst  (Belgium)


Euro millions lottery brought 7.500.000 euros to unnamed 50-year-old “Mister Luck” who has become the envy of millions of Europeans. But the lucky winner who lives in Riemst (Belgium), a small Flemish town near the Dutch border, decided to give half of his multi-million-euro prize for heating to the people in need. 


"His first gesture was to write a check for 1,000 liters of fuel for heating that will keep warm at least 100 poor families during the winter," revealed Hubert Cleuren, the head of an aid agency in Riemst, a small town with population of about 16,000 citizens, the AFP reported The mysterious lucky winner is one of the two Belgians to share 15 million Euro jackpot. 







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Wiesmann  (Germany):


Back in 1985, brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann founded their boutique automaker with a clear goal in mind: to build a modern, fun driving sports car that evokes the design of the classic roadster and coupe. Adopting as their logo the gecko, they wanted their cars to "stick to the road like geckos to a wall." And now, some 27 years later, Wiesmann has rightly earned that reputation as builders of some of the finest two-seat roadsters and coupes on the market.


Based in Dulmen, Germany, the company"s philosophy revolves around the enjoyment of a pure sports car, one that has incredible driving dynamics and combines elements of motor racing with an individual lifestyle. And of course, there"s that timeless design that"s been combined with the latest in automotive technology. The torque-enriched BMW engines and lightweight bodies combine together to properly celebrate what"s possibly the perfect sports car. The Wiesmann MF3 Roadster, for example, debuted 18 years ago and has been a continued evolution ever since.



Wiesmann GT




Morgan  (United Kingdom):


A Morgan sports car is without doubt the quintessential British sports car, conceived in an altogether more romantic era. Yet Morgan cars, now more than ever, claim their place in the forefront of modern motoring. Today"s Morgan sports cars are modern miracles of design excellence beneath that timeless style of the open topped sports car that we all love.



Morgan  Roadster




Bentley Continental GTC (United Kingdom):




The convertible version of the Continental GT, the Continental GTC, was first presented in September 2005, and was introduced to several world markets in the autumn of 2006. With the second generation Azure, it is the second Bentley convertible released in 2005. The roof is produced by Karmann in Osnabrück, Germany.



Bentley Continental GTC






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Welcome to Small Luxury Hotels of the World, a unrivalled selection of some of the world’s finest small independent hotels. Comprising over 520 hotels in more than 70 countries, the diversity of the individual hotels, and the experiences that they offer, is exceptional.






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