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Play EuroMillions from Spain - Updated


1. Can I Play EuroMillions Lottery that is sold in Spain even if I do not live in that country?

2. Is it legal for a foreigner, who do not live in Spain, to buy EuroMillions tickets from Spain?

3. What does the Spanish Law say about the purchase of EuroMillions Lottery by foreigners who do not live in Spain?

4. Can I see an image of a EuroMillions ticket sold in Spain?

5. Can I see a photo of a lottery store in Spain?


Here you will find the answers to all these questions clearly and precisely.


1. Can a foreigner visiting Spain or a person who does not live in Spain buy a EuroMillions ticket from Spain and have the right to collect the prizes?


Yes, anyone, regardless of their nationality, can buy EuroMillions tickets in Spain and collect their prizes, is 100% legal.


2. What Spanish Law says that anyone can Buy and earn EuroMillions from Spain?


In Spain there is a specific law for lotteries, Law 13/2011, of May 27, this law lists the prohibitions of participation in lotteries that are sold in Spain and in none of the points the prohibition of participation of foreigners.


3. Can I see an image of a EuroMillions ticket sold in Spain?

Here you can see how it is a EuroMillions ticket sold in Spain



4. Below, you will find a photo of a lottery store in Spain, where official EuroMillions tickets are sold.



5. Where can I buy Euromillions tickets from Spain?

You have two options:

You can travel to Spain and visit one of the 4000 lottery administrations that exist in Spain.

Or you can, from anywhere in the world, use the services of, a Spanish company that will buy your official EuroMillions tickets for you in a Loteria de Madrid administration.

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