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Play EuroMillions Outside UK


One of the most asked questions is if you can play euromillions from outside of uk, the answer is clearly YES!

There are several ways to play the EuroMillions lottery if you are out of UK, the first possibility is that you are on vacation in one of the nine countries participating in the EuroMillions draw, such as Spain, in this case you can go to a of the 4000 lottery stores that exist in the country and buy your official euromillions ticket, very easy way.

But what happens if you are on vacation or live in a country where they do not sell the EuroMillions lottery? What I can do?



It is true that if you are in the UK you can buy your euromillions tickets from any lottery store or on the official UK National Lottery Web, but unfortunately you can only buy euromillions on the web if you are in uk, but it is not possible if you are outside.

If you are not in UK you can always buy your EuroMillions ticket in one of the websites where they sell official EuroMillions tickets, our recommendation is that you only buy in pages that meet these requirements.

1. That the company that owns the website is in one of the 9 countries where euromillions are sold officially.

2. They send you your scanned ticket before each EuroMillions draw

 3. That the payment method is safe and always through an internationally known Bank, such as ING Bank.

4. That the website has an SSL EV certificate, this means that the real existence of the company has been verified and that it has a contact telephone number.

So you know, you can buy EuroMillions tickets from outside the UK and become a millionaire from a beach in Fiji!

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