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Play EuroMillions Abroad - Updated

Can I play EuroMillions from abroad?


1. In Spain is legal to play EuroMillions from abroad.

2. In Spain there is no requirement of residence or nationality to play EuroMillions and win their millionaire jackpots.

3. According to the Spanish Law on Gaming Regulation, Law 13/2011, anyone can participate in the EuroMillions draw, there is no requirement.

4. Any person over 18 years old who participates can win the EuroMillions jackpot.

5. Even if you are a tourist from a non European country, you are eligible to play and win the EuroMillions Lottery.

6. I am a non European Resident, I live abroad and I would like to buy Official EuroMillions Tickets, can I do it?

YES, you can buy play EuroMillions, using a lottery messenger company like

7. Regardless the country that you are in the world right now you can buy your EuroMillions Tickets and you will receive a photo of your ticket.

8. EuroMillions Lottery is played every Tuesday and Friday and to win the Jackpot you have to match five numbers and two stars to win millions of Euros.


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