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EuroMillions - European Millionaire Maker -



European Millionaire Maker is a special raffle of euromillions lottery that takes place twice a year and create 25 new millionaires in one draw.

All the 9 countries that are part of the EuroMillions lottery participate in this raffle.

Who has the right to participate in the European Millionaire Maker?

All the people who buy a EuroMillions ticket can be selected to win one of the million Euros prizes of this special raffle.

The last raffle of the Million Rain took place on February 23, 2018.


How the European Millionaire Maker works?


For each bet of EuroMillions that is made, a code of 4 letters and five numbers generated in a random way is received.

If you make 5 euromillion bets the player will be entitled to 5 five codes.

It must be said that the letters of the codes correspond to the country where the euromillions ticket was purchased, in the following table you can see all the codes:


1. Austria - A,N,O or W

2. Belgium - B

3. France - F

4. Ireland - I

5. Luxembourg - L

6. Portugal - P

7. Spain - E

8. Switzerland - R or S

9. United Kingdom - H,J,M,T,V,X or Z


Winning codes will be selected at random, with a code assigned to each winning ticket drawn, giving players another chance to win a grand prize from those offered in the main EuroMillions game. will be notified automatically if their customers have won a prize. 


As we have already mentioned the "Rain of Millions" offers 25 prizes, endowed with one million euros each. They can choose all EuroMillions tickets that match the date of this first draw.


This special draw emerged as one of the new variants that the EuroMillions lottery introduced in 2016.


The dates of celebration, twice a year, are decided by the body that represents the lotteries of the nine participating countries.

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